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After Action Reports
By CGC Members


Latest: March 15th 1917

Latest: Battle of Konigsberg 1813

Latest: The Hunters - AAR & Game Review
Flames of War

Latest: Building the US Army
Field of Glory

Latest: Roll On Sweet Chariots
Axis & Allies

Latest: Engagement Off Santa Cruz
Mclaughlin Dept.

Latest: Rebel Raiders - 1862 Scenario
Musler Report

Latest: Avenging Mers-el-Kabir
Spera Speaks

Latest: Napoleon at War Refight:

Parting Shots Dept...

"Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror,
victory however long and hard the road may be;
for without victory there is no survival"

- Winston Churchill

Archived After Action Reports Prior to 2008